Zorbi Flying Magic Saucer

Read these instructions and watch the videos before playing with your Zorbi!
Marvin's Magic Torn Paper Bottom

In The Box

Inside the box you'll find your Zorbi Magic Flying Saucer, some professional magicians' putty and a reel of fine thread. The thread is delicate and easily tangled, so be very careful! The thread may also snap and break while you are learning to fly your Zorbi but don't worry, you have been provided with the magicians' putty (about the size of a pea). Do this by winding the end of the thread around the putty in a cross shape then squeezing the putty to make sure it is securely fixed.

The magicians putty included with this item is suitable for a wide range of skin types self-adhesive materials generally available for cosmetic use or normally used for contact with the skin - i.e self-adhesive tape or micro-pore plasters.

If the putty becomes too warm and soft, the thread may come loose. To stop this, you can insert a tiny piece of paper into the putty before winding on the thread. This will stop the thread pulling through the soft putty.

Now, press this ball of putty behind your ear so that it
remains secretly in place. Don't worry, no-one will see the putty behind your ear during the performance.

With the end of the thread securely held in place, curl
the thread over your ear unwind about an arm's length of it and snap it off the reel. You can now repeat the process of attaching a second small ball of putty to the other end of the thread, before pushing the ball into the centre recess of your Zorbi as shown in the picture. You are now ready for your first test flight!

After removing the battery tag, place your Zorbi on a smooth flat surface and give the flying saucer a spin. The spinning action will start the strip of lights to begin flashing and changing colour. (Please note only one strip contains lights and the other two are decoration). When the Zorbi spins, the 5 LEDs will create an impressive light show.

Once the Zorbi is spinning, hook your thumb under the thread and slowly bring your hand up so that the flying saucer begins to rise into the air.

If you now raise and lower your arms or move your hands away or towards your body, the Zorbi Flying Saucer will appear to rise and fall in the air!

To complete the illusion, before the Zorbi stops spinning, you should gently lower it back to the ground so it appears to 'power down' before you begin your next flight.

Each thread should easily last several flights, but to help it last longer, spin your Zorbi in the opposite direction each time so that the thread does not become too tightly twisted.

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Check out our video instructions here!