Marvin’s Ultimate Magic Bundle


Marvin's Magic Ultimate Magic Tricks & Illusions

INCLUDES 365 TRICKS, 1 FOR EACH DAY OF THE YEAR: This amazing selection of Marvin's favourite tricks & illusions makes for the perfect gift for children and adults looking to dazzle their friends! This amazing set encourages social skills, helps build confidence and inspires imaginations! Learn how to escape from the famous Houdini Chains, watch the Haunted Key move by itself, discover which colour has been chosen by a spectator and more!

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Ultimate Magic - 250 Tricks & Stunts

A superb collection of 250 incredible magic tricks that are guaranteed to baffle and mystify audiences.


  • Interactive magic tricks
  • Magic Cups and Balls
  • Frozen Fly Eggs
  • Fly Paddles
  • Plus video instructions via the free Marvin's Magic App

Suitable for: 8 Years

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In stock

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