Marvin’s Magic Presents Bundle


The Magic of Pub Tricks

This set contains 20 perfect tricks to pull out in between pints including coin and glass illusions. Ideal for any occasion that needs a bit of a magic, these are tricks you can learn and perform in minutes.

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The Magic of Card Tricks

The Magic of Card Tricks is a collection of 20 timeless card tricks chosen by Marvin himself. With a diverse range of easy to follow tricks, this simple interactive magic makes the perfect foundation to any magic fan’s repertoire.

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The Magic of Science

Marvin’s Magic of Science set contains 20 unbelievable science tricks that require no previous magic experience. A unique fusion of facts and clever magic, this is an ideal gift for curious young minds.

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The Magic of Origami

Learn the art of paper folding and create intricate sculptures that’ll impress your friends. This set contains everything you need to pull off 20 stunning origami feats from delicate miniatures to perplexing paper illusions.

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