Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Here at Marvin’s Magic, we understand that our customers are well and truly spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts from our website. So, with just a matter of days to go before Santa sets off from the North Pole to begin another epic global delivery run that would put even the most reliable of couriers to shame, we thought we would make things nice and easy for you. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite Christmas gifts for 2022.


Magic Pens

Unleash your creativity with our awesome Magic pens that will enable you to create mind-blowing designs you never thought possible. Complete with both our vanishing pens and colour-changing pens, you can erase mistakes, create 3D designs, and even reveal secret messages. Available in 25 and 30 pack editions.



Ultimate 275 Tricks and Stunts

Need we say any more? This brand-new addition to our ultimate magic range will see you well on your way to becoming a master magician, packed full of enough tricks for an entire magic show!



Rubik Box of Tricks

Here at Marvin’s Magic, we are proud to have partnered with dozens of household names from across the Toy and Hobbies industries, to bring you some of the most unique and highly sought-after products on the market. This highly anticipated partnership between Marvin’s Magic and Rubik’s is quite simply a must have for fans of either brand!


Marvin’s My First Show Case

Sustainability has been at the heart of our brand for some time now, and this awesome magic set is certainly no exception. Aside from containing everything a budding young magician needs to put on a spectacular show, the case itself transforms into your very own magic table, ensuring that none of the packaging goes to waste.



Glow Art

Available in either black or pink, our glow art is a favourite amongst parents and children alike. Simply doodle directly onto the board, or even trace your favourite images using the neon pens provided. Flick the switch, and watch your pictures come to life as you cycle through 36 different light settings! Draw on it, play games on it, or even pop it on your bedside table to use as a nightlight.


Marvin’s Treasured Tricks

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we’ve taken some of our most popular tricks from our magic made easy range and immortalised them in wooden form. Better still, the props are all stored in a durable wooden box that will take pride of place on any toy shelf or mantel piece. A must have among first timers and collectors alike!

Rainbow Lights from Anywhere

If you like our classic ‘Marvin’s Magic Lights from Anywhere’, then you are absolutely going to love our brand new, highly anticipated Rainbow version. For the first time ever, you can produce mesmerising magic lights from your fingertips in just about any colour of the rainbow!

Fifty Greatest Card Tricks

One of the unique things about our brand, is that so many of our products appeal to both adults and children. This collection of fifty mind blowing card tricks is impressive enough for an adult to perform to their colleagues by the water cooler (or even to win themselves a drink at the bar), but easy enough for an 8-year-old to perform on the playground.

Wicked Pranks and Jokes

No family gathering would be complete without a few belly laughs. And what better way to induce fits of giggles than with a few cheeky pranks and jokes! This collection of wicked props will see you well on your way to becoming a prankster par excellence, giving everyone around the dining table something to laugh about until next Christmas!

Marvin’s Box of Tricks (125 Tricks)

This classic of the Marvin’s Magic range has been a fan favourite for quite some time, and it doesn’t look like that’s set to change anytime soon! Perfect for magicians aged 6 and above, this set has helped to ignite a love of magic in hundreds of thousands of magicians worldwide. Who knows, your child could be next…