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Styles of Magic

Magic can be performed almost anywhere, and under various conditions, but each presents a different problem. Magicians think of tricks as being suitable for a specific type of show – although many will fit into more than one category.

Close-up Magic

This branch of magic concentrates on tricks using everyday objects such as cards, coins, matches, dice and so on, performed with the audience near to the magician – usually around a table.

Stage Magic

As a general rule the props used on a stage have to be bigger that those used by the close-up performer because of the greater distance between the magician and his audience. Illusions, large-scale tricks using people or animals, are a specific type of stage magic.

Children's Magic

When performing for children you need to use bright and colourful props. It is an area of magic that is very popular. Entertaining children of varying age groups requires different types of performance, so some magicians restrict their shows to a particular age group.

Television Magic

Performing on Television is different as it is hard to deceive the all-seeing eye of a camera. In spite of this, all types of magic can be seen on television. A good magician must learn all about camera techniques.

Comedy Magic

There are several types of comedy magic. The great Tommy Cooper achieved his comedy by his tricks going wrong. Other comedy magicians choose tricks that work but present items that are funny. Many magicians use jokes and funny movements to amuse the audience.