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What is MIM?
Marvin's iMagic is a new and exciting product from Marvin's Magic.

Designed to interact with a variety of smart devices magicians will instantly be able to amaze friends and family with stunning visual effects.

This exciting new range fuses some of the most successful magic principles with cutting edge, innovative technology.

How does it work?
Simply download the Marvin’s iMagic Application on to your smart device, input your unique 16 digit code along with your Google or Apple ID. Upon entering the chapter listing you can open a variety of different tricks and videos that will help you get the most out of your Marvin’s iMagic set.

Where can I buy MIM?
Marvin’s iMagic Sets are available at all major High Street retailers. You can also buy online at: LINK

How large is the MIM App?
The Marvin’s iMagic App is currently 480MB

Can I share my code with my friends?
Your code is Unique to you. It will align with your User ID. You cannot share this with other users. Magicians promise to share the magic but keep the secrets!

What platforms does MIM work on?
The Marvin’s iMagic App works on both Android and Apple platforms

Does MIM work on Windows on Blackberry?
Not currently

Will MIM work on my tablet?
The Marvin’s iMagic App will work on most smart devices. The application is optimised to work on cell phones and tablets however it is important to recognise that with the multitude of different smart devices available different results may be experienced on different devices.

I have bought MIM but my code doesn’t work / I have lost my code...
If you are having trouble with your iMagic code please email us at: providing proof of purchase and our team will respond promptly.

My smart device is having trouble activating the 3D Card:
The 3D Card works using Augmented Reality activated by the use of the camera in your smart device. If your device is having trouble recognising the marker image it may be that the camera resolution is too low or that your camera is having difficulty focussing on the image. On some devices tapping the centre of the screen focuses the camera, often it is best to move the camera away from the image and move it back in, this will refocus your camera.

Also be aware that the lighting of your surrounding area will affect your devices ability to recognise the image. If is important that you view the image in a well lit area.

Helpful tip!
Download the Marvin's iMagic App when connected to wifi.

Minimum Requirements
We recommend 512MB memory, so the minimum iOS devices are:

  • iPhone 4 and above
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini (any)
  • iPod Touch 5th generation and later