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Marvin's Hints and Tips

There is a lot more to magic than simply knowing how a trick is done. Your tricks are important but all good magicians take care about the way they look, move, talk and present themselves to the audience. Here are some points that will help you to become a better performer.


Many tricks require some secret preparation before they can be performed. Sometimes this may be simply to ensure that a particular object is in the correct place. At other times it can be several minutes arranging props or making a piece of apparatus. Often the preparation takes longer than the trick itself! Never let anyone see you doing this preparation or you will give away the secret. If someone asks you to do a trick and you are not ready; refuse, or do a trick that requires no preparation.

Appearance Counts

Knowing how tricks are done and being able to do them well will not impress your audience if you are untidy. Always wear smart, clean clothes when performing. Keep your hair clean and tidy, your hands washed and your nails neatly trimmed. Your shoes should be spotless as well. If you are slovenly and unkempt your appearance will detract from your magic – no matter how marvellous you may be. The spectators will be so distracted by your appearance that they will not be interested in your tricks.

The Secrets of Magic

Many amazing tricks are accomplished by simple means. Magicians have been performing these tricks for hundreds of years and people still do not know how they are done. One reason for this is that magicians never reveal the secrets of their art. By giving away the secret of a trick, you undo the work of magicians throughout history. Keep the methods of magic a secret and you, and your audience, will enjoy your magic more.

Practice Your Tricks

Do not perform a trick until you have practised it thoroughly. Practice it in front of a mirror to start with. Try each effect several times so you can see what it looks like from the audience's point of view. The mirror will also help you to see what mistakes you may be making. As soon as you are sure that you are doing the trick correctly you can show it to family and friends to gauge their reaction.

A Good Magician Does Not…

  • …tell anyone, except a fellow magician, how tricks are done.
  • …copy the presentation used by other magicians but tries to think up original presentations of his own.
  • …criticize the efforts of other magicians no matter how bad they may be.
  • …perform any trick, no matter how simple, until it has been practiced thoroughly.
  • …do a trick twice in quick succession as the audience will possibly work out how it was done if they see it again so soon.
  • …use offensive language or mannerisms on stage.
  • …appear on stage badly groomed or in ill-fitting clothes.
  • …be impolite to spectators.
  • …give the impression that he is bored or miserable but always presents a happy smiling face to the audience.